A General Dentist Talks About Oral Hygiene for Clear Braces

Clear braces can be an unobtrusive option to get your teeth straighter. Traditional metal braces stand out against the teeth, but clear braces are made of porcelain. When it comes to keeping these types of braces clean, there are a few special tips that you should follow. With these tips, you will keep your braces from getting stained from food and drinks.

Clean clear braces often

The longer that food sits near the braces, the more likely it is to stain the braces. Food particles can become trapped in the mouth more because of the braces, which can put patients at a higher risk of cavities and other dental problems. Patients should brush the teeth at least three times a day.

After drinking any beverage other than water, patients should brush their teeth. This is especially true for patients who drink coffee, tea, soda or wine. If possible, patients should stay away from these teeth-staining foods. Using an electric toothbrush can allow the patient to do a thorough job of cleaning the teeth. An electric toothbrush can also make it easier to clean the teeth.

Patients should not use whitening toothpaste or other products to keep braces clean. The whitening products will not whiten the parts of the teeth that the brackets are glued to. This can lead to a row of discoloration along the teeth once the braces come off.

It is important for patients to get teeth cleaned professionally while in clear braces. The dentist will be able to clean each tooth, as well as the braces. Keeping stains off from building up in the brackets is the right way to keep clear braces clean.


While it can seem difficult to floss with braces, it is even more important now. This can remove all of the food particles that a toothbrush could not remove. Dental floss threaders can help patients get the floss through the brackets and to the gumline. Patients can also use dental picks to help get between each tooth easier.

An oral irrigator can also be used to help clean between the braces. This device shoots a thin stream of water that can clean along the gumline. While this should not be used as a substitute for flossing, it can be used between meals and during the regular cleaning routine to make it easier.

Use mouthwash

Using a mouthwash that is designed to kill bacteria can help prevent dental problems. Choosing an anticavity mouthwash will help the teeth stay strong during braces. Patients can use a mouthwash between meals to help kill harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Visit a dentist today

When you have braces, clear or otherwise, it is even more important to regularly visit a dentist. A general dentist can help you keep your teeth clean. A dentist can also give you feedback on areas that you need to improve on while cleaning. You can also receive tips and answers to any additional questions you may have.

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