How Can I Tell If I Have a Dental Emergency

You may never have had to visit an emergency dentist before, but you will be happy to know one is available if the need arises. Many dental issues do not require urgent attention but can wait a few days or weeks. However, in some situations, a condition with your tooth or mouth could put your health and well-being in jeopardy. It is helpful to know when you should head directly to the dentist’s office for an evaluation and treatment.

Characteristics of an emergency dentist

From the time a patient starts to get teeth, semiannual checkups are critical to the person’s oral health. In between these appointments, if the person has cavities or cosmetic tooth problems, it is wise to repair the issues. An emergency dentist has the knowledge and training to handle the most severe dental problems. This professional can take same-day appointments and will even see patients during late hours and on the weekends and holidays. This dentist has the right techniques and methods to provide relief for the most urgent dental needs.

The patient has extreme tooth pain

It is not unusual for a person to experience a toothache or tooth sensitivity. If this is mild or sporadic, the patient should schedule an appointment with the dentist for an examination. When the pain is constant and unbearable, the person could have an abscessed tooth or significant tooth decay. If these problems are not addressed, they can spread throughout the mouth and body. An emergency dentist can stop the pain before it gets worse. If the pain is getting in the way of accomplishing daily tasks, it is time to go to the dentist’s office.

The patient fractures or loses a tooth

Not only can a broken or dislodged tooth cause pain, but it can be a cosmetic nightmare for the patient. An emergency dentist may be able to salvage a lost tooth and repair a fractured one. The sooner the patient gets into the office, the more likely the dentist can properly treat it.

The patient has swollen and bleeding gums

Occasional bleeding here should not be too alarming. On the other hand, if the patient suffers from this condition frequently, it is a sign that they have periodontal disease. If an emergency dentist does not begin treating this, it can lead to tooth and bone loss.

The patient has a swollen jaw

A hard blow to the face from an accident or injury could cause this problem. If there is jaw pain and swelling for any other reason, the patient needs to get to the emergency dentist. The symptoms could be the result of a salivary gland infection.

Pay attention and take action

You would not likely put off a trip to an urgent care doctor for a medical concern. You should not do this for your dental health either. If any of these conditions sound familiar to you, find an emergency dentist near you. The dentist can repair tooth damage and help you heal from serious infections.

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