How Long Do Fastbraces Take to Work?

Fastbraces are a great way to straighten the alignment of your teeth and gain a more attractive smile. Unlike traditional braces, which often take around two years for treatment to work, Fastbraces work far more efficiently and straighten teeth in well under a year in most instances.

An overview of Fastbraces

It is helpful to have an understanding of exactly what Fastbraces are and how they work before starting treatment. There are many benefits to choosing them over other forms of teeth straightening, and you can achieve a great smile in a short amount of time with Fastbraces treatment.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces is a brand name form of teeth straightening. They work in a similar fashion to traditional braces, but there are some minor differences to be mindful. Traditional braces typically work in two steps, which involves moving the crown into the proper position and then moving the root of the tooth to align properly. Using their advanced technology, Fastbraces essentially speeds up the treatment process by combining both steps into one.

How long does treatment take?

Most patients see quality results in less than a year. Essentially, whereas traditional braces might require an entire year to move the crown of the tooth followed by another year to move the root, Fastbraces cuts down approximately half the time by moving both the crown and the root of each tooth safely and efficiently at once. Some patients see quality results in as little as three months, whereas it might take a year for other patients.

How does the process work?

The process is similar to traditional braces. The first step is to, of course, determine if treatment is right for you. Anyone who is not entirely happy with the appearance of their smile might be able to benefit from treatment. The next step is to schedule an initial consultation with a Fastbraces dentist, who will conduct an oral examination, discuss your treatment goals and determine if it is the most appropriate form of teeth straightening. After which, the treatment process may begin with a dental impression and dental X-rays.

Wearing a retainer after Fastbraces

Another major advantage of Fastbraces is that a retainer is only required for approximately fifteen minutes each day. Of course, many patients choose to wear their retainer at night to ensure quality results long-term, but it is only required to wear it for a small portion of time each day. It is, however, important to keep the retainer and the case clean at all times to avoid a build-up of bacteria and food particles that may damage teeth and gums.

Fastbraces help patients achieve a straighter smile

If you are interested in learning more about Fastbraces and want to determine if you make a good candidate for treatment, consult with us today and schedule a time to come in for an initial consultation. Our staff is friendly and we are willing and able to guide you through each step of the oral examination, treatment and aftercare process.

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