Interesting Facts About Orthodontics

Whether you have braces now or are thinking they may be what you need to get straight teeth, there are interesting facts in the orthodontic world. Today we are going to go over some of these exciting tidbits that may surprise you about orthodontics and braces.

Some interesting facts about orthodontics and braces

In this article, we are going to tell over some fascinating facts about orthodontics & braces that you may have never known!

The wire that is used for braces was created by NASA

Or anyone that is preparing to have braces applied, or who are currently going through treatment may not know about the amazing technology that is in their mouth. NASA created the wire that is used to keep braces together and move teeth and the place. It was designed around 1959.

Braces are not always just for straightening teeth

Although braces are primarily used to straighten teeth, this is not the only reason that people may have braces installed. They can also be used to fix a person's bite along with difficulty breathing, Problem speaking, and chewing related issues. Although they are a tremendous cosmetic tool to get straight teeth, that is not the only reason that people may have braces!

Now there are more braces options than ever!

With the advancement in dental technology, there are now over 10 different types of braces that someone can get. From traditional metal braces, to clear invisible aligners that straighten teeth, getting teeth with no gaps and a beautiful smile is more possible than ever. Although conventional metal braces are still the most typical, with technology advancing there are more options for people who need to get their teeth straightened.

Braces are not just for the teenagers

Though most people assume and think of braces are for teenagers, that is far from the truth. There are now many adults who get braces to help and straighten their teeth. Whether they never had it done in their teenage years or there have been shifting because of other Dental issues, there is no age limit to win a person can get braces to regain and have the straight teeth that they desire.

Braces are far from a ‘new’ technology

It may shock people to learn that braces are over 300 years old! Although not in the current form they are now due to dental technology advancement, however the use of tools to get teeth straight have been being used for quite some time.

Have more questions about orthodontics and braces?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that is not typically easy for someone without dental training to understand. With all of the special terminology and devices, asking questions is never a bad thing!

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