Learn More – Implant Retained vs. Implant Supported Dentures

Individuals who have trouble chewing or speaking due to dental issues, such as tooth loss, may benefit from implant supported dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, those that are supported by implants set into the jawbone are designed to be more permanent and support proper biting, chewing and talking. Patients who are considering these dentures may want to understand the difference between how they work versus implant-retained dentures, which may be another option for repairing a mouth with multiple missing teeth.

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

These dentures differ from the traditional style in one major way, and that is they do not sit on the gums. When individuals opt for traditional dentures, the devices are affixed to the gums with a dental adhesive. While this can be an effective choice for people who want a simple set of dentures, it can cause soreness, may slip while chewing or speaking and can be difficult to clean. In contrast, dentures that are supported by implants have a variety of possible benefits:

  • A more stable denture that is usually only removed by a dentist
  • A stronger bite that is supported by the implants
  • A more natural bite for more comfortable eating

These dentures are designed for patients who have enough jawbone to support the implants.

What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

Unlike implant supported dentures, these dentures are designed to sit on implants that are set into the gums. This makes them more stable than traditional denture sets. The implants are also generally smaller than those are set into the jawbone, and the dentures themselves can be removed by the wearers for daily cleaning. A general dentist will typically install both implant-retained and implant-supported styles and discuss which is right for patients before the surgery is performed.

Making the Right Choice

Those who are considering dentures supported by implants may want to explore both options with a general dentist before making the best choice. Before the decision is made, patients may want to look into a variety of factors, such as comfort, strength and stability of the jawbone; overall care of the dentures; and how simple patients want the maintenance to be. Before the choice is made, a dentist may perform an exam of the gums, X-ray the jawbone and help individuals decide which type is the most ideal.

There are several ways people can decide which type of implant dentures are suitable. For example, those who enjoy tough, crispy or crunchy foods may want to opt for dentures that are supported by implants rather than the retained style because these typically give patients a more natural bite. If individuals are living on a fixed income and have limited dental insurance, it could be important for them to understand that implant supported dentures are usually more costly than the retained style.


Choosing between implant-retained and dentures that are supported by implants can be an important decision for patients who need support for proper eating and speaking. Dentists can help patients make this decision and give them the best quality of life for the future.

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