Reasons to Choose Fastbraces Over Traditional Braces

There are a handful of reasons why you might opt for Fastbraces over traditional ones, and this article will explore the most important ones. For over a century, traditional braces have been the norm when it comes to dealing with orthodontic issues like poorly-aligned or misaligned teeth.

While these devices remain incredibly effective when it comes to improving the alignment of a person's teeth, they are impossible not to see when a person who wears them opens their mouth. Many people have likened traditional metal braces to TV antennas and railway tracks. It is simply not something many people want to have on their teeth.

Benefits of Fastbraces over traditional braces

Here are some of the reasons why a person might opt for Fastbraces over metal braces:

1. Hard to spot

Fastbraces are hard to detect when worn. The device is made out of a clear plastic material, and it is transparent in nature. It fits snuggly over the wearer's teeth, and a person would have to look really closely to notice if someone is wearing them. Invisibility is a huge benefit for anyone who is looking to straighten their teeth discretely.

2. Fast treatment

Treatment times are typically shorter when choosing Fastbraces. These devices can be used to treat minor alignment issues affecting front teeth in as little as six months. This is due to how the device applies a unique amount of force on each tooth. That means each tooth gets the amount of pressure it needs to move back into the proper alignment. Traditional metal braces apply the same amount of force on all of the wearer's teeth simultaneously.

3. Easy to remove

While traditional metal braces are permanent devices that cannot be removed once installed by a dentist, Fastbraces can be pulled out easily and removed by the wearer. This makes a huge difference when it is time to eat or clean the mouth. Traditional braces are notorious for the way food particles get stuck in them. It usually leads to lots of time spent cleaning off food particles after meals. If the wearer fails to go through the trouble of keeping their traditional braces clean, their teeth become susceptible to tooth decay and all the problems that come with that.

When a patient opts of Fastbraces, they simply remove the device when it is meal time. They are free to enjoy all of their favorite foods without anything getting stuck in the device. The only thing they have to do is clean their mouth before reinserting their Fastbraces.

4. More comfortable option

Fastbraces are a more comfortable option than traditional metal braces. There are two main reasons for this: The device applies a specific amount of pressure on each tooth, and patients only wear each tray for two weeks. After that, patients switch it with another tray that applies a little more pressure on their teeth. In other words, clear braces slowly build up the force applied to a person's teeth, making them more comfortable.

Fastbraces produce fast results

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