Should Your Fillings Be Replaced With Metal-Free Fillings?

As the world of dentistry continues to evolve every day, more and more people are considering replacing their current filings with metal-free ones. The argument that metal-containing fillings are harmful to one’s mouth has been around for a long time, but there are still no hard studies that prove that they are unsafe. The question remains, should you replace your fillings with metal-free fillings? Well, in this article, we dissect this question so that anyone considering replacement has a better understanding of why this may be a good idea. Keep reading to find out more!

Replacing your current fillings with metal-free fillings

It may be helpful, first, to understand what metal-containing fillings actually are in order to understand why metal-free ones may be better. Fillings that contain metal are also known as amalgam or gold fillings, and they have been used for ages by dentists as a way to restore damaged teeth. However, as dentistry has become more modern, there are now metal-free fillings which can be all kinds of different materials. Dental fillings can now be made of composite resin, zirconia, plastic and even glass materials, which can all be seen as beneficial because they are white in color and free of metal.

Why replace them?

It may be a good idea to replace metal-containing dental fillings with metal-free ones because the newer and more modern dental fillings do not contain any amount of metal. People have been extremely cautious about having metal within their mouths permanently, and with amalgam and gold dental fillings patients could have metal in their mouths for the rest of their lives. Gold and amalgam both contain minimal amounts of mercury which is what most people are concerned about. While there haven’t been any cases where mercury has harmed someone, it is always better to be safe!

Metal-free dental fillings are also seen as beneficial because they are completely discreet! People that have metal-free fillings can smile or open their mouths without anyone being able to see that they’ve had restorative dental work done on their teeth. Having metal-containing dental fillings may make a person self-conscious because they don’t match the color of their teeth. If you’re not comfortable smiling or opening your mouth because of your current fillings, then you should replace yours with metal-free ones!

Dental fillings come in so many materials, but ultimately it is up to you and your dentist to determine what is best for your mouth. Sometimes, fillings become damaged over time, this is another great time to replace your current ones with metal-free fillings. Metal-free fillings offer discreetness and allow you to smile comfortably.

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