Thank you so much to Dr. Garrett and Staff for helping me begin the process of restoring my teeth and gums to healthy again. From the minute I entered until the time I left, I was treated with kindness and with respect. I had not been to the dentist in over 2 years and not once was I made to feel bad as I had when visiting other dentists. Dr. Garrett was thorough and easy on my sensitive mouth, taking all necessary measures in order to ensure I was comfortable at all times. I am looking forward to my next appointment versus dreading it! Thank you again!!!

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How Stress, Anxiety And TMD Are Related

How Stress, Anxiety And TMD Are Related

If a patient is experiencing persistent pain and tightness in the jaw, temporomandibular joint disorders, often referred to as TMD, may be to blame. While people with this condition typically have similar symptoms, there are several different reasons why a person might develop an issue with the TMJ. One of the most common contributors to…

Learn More &#    ; Implant Retained Vs  Implant Supported Dentures

Learn More - Implant Retained Vs. Implant Supported Dentures

Individuals who have trouble chewing or speaking due to dental issues, such as tooth loss, may benefit from implant supported dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, those that are supported by implants set into the jawbone are designed to be more permanent and support proper biting, chewing and talking. Patients who are considering these dentures may want…